The Longboard House
  New shippment of Firewires are in.
50% off sale on select items.
Not just Longboards we have Shortboards, Fishes, Hybrids, Funshapes.
New at The Longboard House--Surf now pay later.

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Morning Surf Report
This Thursday morning we have from Jose at rib to head high in sets with 10-15mph ENE winds, waves are mostly closed out with the high tide, could improve as the tide drops.

Help Fight the battle with Cindy





6 Day East Central Florida Forecast
Hurricane Jose swells are here!
Friday E swell at rib to chest high+ with 5-15mph E/ENE winds.
Swells from Jose & Hurricane Maria's swell moving in.
Saturday ESE swell at chest to head high+pm with 5-15mph E/ENE winds.
Sunday ENE swell at OH to DOH+ with 10-15mph ENE winds.
Monday ENE swell at OH+ with 5-10mph NW/NE winds.
Tuesday ENE swell at head to OH+ with 5-10mph NW/NE winds.
Wednesday ENE swell at head to OH with 5-10mph WNW winds.


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